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April 15, 2008


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...you're pregnant and you're dropping out of school? (Not to make you sound like a 16-year-old delinquent, but that's my only guess...)

PREGNANT is my guess, too.


Oh, be creative! How about, What would they say if they knew I embezzled department funds? Or accidentally wiped my advisor's hard drive and couldn't bring myself to tell her? Just failed an exam and would have to repeat a class, setting me back months in the program? Discovered a burning desire to minister to lepers in Pago Pago and told my husband we'd have to leave the Midwest for the South Pacific? Got offered my dream job as a ... ?

That you're planning on donating the entire $1000 to a charity?

That you're planning on dropping out just because you're sick of the program?

That you're moving?

That you're such a deadbeat and you manipulated your data and p doesn't equal a good number after all?

Or you're pregnant.

Or I have NO IDEA.

Please tell soon.

Gotta go with the majority on this one. Hast thou a bun in thine oven????

Pregnant? I have to say I like that guess best ;)

I am betting on baby #5. But, I just noticed the date of your post, so...

... that I haven't even started my taxes yet?

Lame, I know.

How long ya gonna keep us waiting? ;-p

Writing the follow-up post now, Blest. Trying to get some other stuff done too, but I should have it up by lunchtime. :-)

Nobody thinks I'm ditching grad school to start up a llama farm?

...that I'm really a secret agent sent to this graduate school to uncover an evil plot by the department head for world domination. The web of lies and deceit (which culminates in the fall of the university president) has led you to risk your life, your health, and your sanity, all while becoming enmeshed in a torrid romance with said university president. Am I right?! The husband and kids are just a cover! I knew it!

No no no...SHE is the one plotting world domination. And I'm going to help her - NARF! POIT!

The university president and I are taking over the world TOGETHER with assistance from Blest (and Jenny is totally going to be in our cabinet). Well done, guys! Now I don't have to finish that other post because you already figured it out.

Okay, you can't be serious, and I REALLY WANNA KNOW. Have mercy!

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