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April 09, 2008


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Ummmm, I hesitate to contradict you, but I believe in all sincerity that you will after all make more banners. At least two more, that is. (Joe. Pete. First Communion.)

Unless you've decided to have Mr. Gladly make them instead.


LALALALALALALA (hands over ears)

Our church has a GREAT compromise. One HUGE permanent banner, done by someone who likes doing such things, and then each year each new communicant colors "his own picture" and writes his name on a child-shaped piece of paper which is velcroed to the felt.

My parish permits home schooled religious ed, and we schedule a private or a small group First Communion at the Mass we regularly attend. It's awesome -- no banners.

I will never make a banner again or require my children too. I had to make them all through grammar school and high school at Catholic schools where religious education consisted of banner and collage making.

In defense of banners, I do have some banner making friends. One made an absolutely beautiful banner that is used in our Eucharistic processions. And the First Communion banners at a local parish (not mine) that are done exactly the way you describe are very nice.

My mom sewed mine--no gluey fingers. She just used a zig-zag stitch. Maybe that would be a good compromise for the next one? I still have mine somewhere, and it hung in my room until I left for college.

We made ours on First Communion Retreat day. Over half the parents were unsuspecting Dads! My husband made the banner while I'll played helpful teacher.

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