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April 23, 2008


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fifth child? I think you're in the advanced class by now.

good for you!

so... gonna do the screening? scheduled blah blah AMA...?

I think I already know the answer, but I'm curious to see if I'm right or not :-).


Hah--I was 36 when I got pregnant, 37 when I found out (happy birthday to me!) and I raised the concern of my age at my first prenatal appointment. God love them, they said not to worry and they didn't really consider 37 that old (of course I planned to do any ad all screenings they could throw at me, because I am a person who Has To Know. Like, read the epilogue of Harry Potter Book 7 the minute I got it because I Had to Know -- if I was going to be dealing with a diffcult situation I wanted as long to prepare for it as I could get). So AMA, whatevs.

And I do think with your history and a home birth under your belt, you're way advanced. In the best way :-).

No doubt about it, you've got Advanced Maternal Skillz. I'm sure that's what the nurse meant.

I've been crazy busy, which is my excuse for not having sent my best wishes to you yet. But the good wishes are there! I'm excited for you. And I really, truly appreciated your mention of me in your announcement post... I know you want me to get to the Intermediate level of motherhood as much as I do.

I am also pregnant, and as I will turn 35 before s/he is born, the issue of AMA came up at my first OB appointment. Personally, I feel the same way (I am NOT OLD!), but I think my doc had a better way of wording it. She said: "You have graduated to Advanced Maternal Age." I don't know if she knows what an education junkie I am or not, but it did take some of sting out of it.

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