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February 10, 2008


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Express your opinion on multiple-choice tests:

a. Multiple-choice tests are okay.
b. Multiple-choice tests are great!
c. I like your hair.
d. Both b. and c.
e. A one kilobyte essay question is a multiple-choice question with 10^2500 options, which isn't that many more than four, is it?


simple enough right.

but there is something I hate more.

Science Fair.


Nuff said.

*which means: I Hate No Child Left Behind.

This post is why I love you!

You are SO RIGHT!!!

ha, you made me laugh with the "i'd be queen of the world" line- me too! i've always been great at multiple choice- but that's the kind of thinker i am (there is one answer, which i figure out using logic!).

my husband is not great at multiple choice, because he is a totally different kind of thinker (there are many answers/ways to solve the problem, and i currently have a list of four at my disposal to try out!) which baffles me almost every time (how do you know that?), but amazes me as well, because it's just really cool.

most people would probably assume i'm the smarter one, but i'd argue they're wrong- different types of intelligences can absolutely be equal. i just wish our recent theories of education which recognize multiple types of intelligence would start infiltrating mainstream practice and start influencing how we label 'success' in education. NCLB? don't even get me started.

p.s. i think as long as kids are good readers (which your kids clearly seem to be) that is 99% of the game when it comes to multiple choice, anyway. also, don't ever change an answer unless you are a million percent sure you were wrong the first time! (yes, i know a million percent is impossible. just a little stats humor for you. sigh. stomach virus here since thursday. it's been a long day.)

This is exactly why my daughter will be homeschooled. Not necessarily so that she doesn't have a principal who wants her to practice multiple choice testing, but so I don't

(a) have an apoplectic stroke,
(b) commit some major felony,
(c) become reduced to gibbering insanity and get carted away to a rubber room, or
(d) make a scene at a PTA meeting

upon receiving that kind of note in a school backpack.

Another Good Tester

Occasionally my husband and I talk about moving to the States to be closer to my family and take advantage of the good real estate prices. This conversation usually ends fast because I'm a teacher and there's no way I want to deal with NCLB on top of all the other craziness I put up with in my school days --and I'd feel guilty subjecting my kids to it. My mom was a teacher until recently, too. One of the few times I saw her livid was when she was describing stressed out kids taking those tests.

All that to say: I totally agree.

This is a great post..and a great site. I'm so glad you sent me the link. I'll certainly be sharing this post with my husband :)

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