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February 22, 2008


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Mercury was in retrograde up until the 19th, and then immediately that was the lunar eclipse, so there's a valid astrological reason why you have been losing things and devices have decided to work or not work capriciously. That is, if you believe in such a thing as "valid astrological reasons"... I do, and the last month or so has been a whirlwind adventure of What's Gonna Go Wrong Next? Husband's going to miss his flight because he left his wallet at home? Yes! Cell phone battery will decide that keeping a charge for a full 8 hour workday is passe? Yes! Important documents missing from email inbox? Yes, yes and yes!

Whatever the reason for it, the answer is yes, we have those phases too.

Oh, I really hear you on losing things. I lost the cell phone a month ago (and went without for 3 weeks before taking my mom's 3 year old one) and can't find a knit soaker I almost finished for a customer this week. Luckily I have more of the yarn, but I shouldn't have to make two.

You finished Ice Queen and you're jumping-up-and-down excited about your dissertation, which means that if you didn't keep losing things, I would officially have to growl at you. ;-)

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