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February 23, 2008


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I've always used my grandma's old Maytag, but if I were in the market again, I'd want to look at a Bosch.

Hope they deliver quickly!

If your bras are anything like mine, no big loss!! I am at the stage right now that my nursing bras are worn out but I don't want to invest in new ones. So I sag a lot. Sorry if TMI.

Right before MM was born, my mom bought me a lovely Kenmore front loader. I have really enjoyed it, especially since it is full sized and my last washer was tiny.

I don't mean to laugh - but you write it up so well. I can just see it...

But I am covering all my appliances eyes and ears because you KNOW that they can see the Internet and think - wow, CJ's washer died, so maybe I should die as well, in sympathy, and well, I don't have any funds for a new appliance just now.

But if I were getting one... it would probably be one of those top loaders that are very efficient, have a clear top so you can see the clothing, and doesn't have a full agitator. Brand name? I haven't gotten that far, but I've described my friend's new washer that I was drooling over the other day. wow...

Oh nooooo, that's awful! Ours went about 2 years ago, but we had extremely good fortune -- three hours after the new one was installed, everyone started throwing up. ;) (phew!)

I'm having trouble determining which is the greater tragedy: loss of washing capabilities for a family of six, or having all bras be-funked. How are you supposed to go to Lowes and debate whether or not to spring for one of those amazing new steam washers if you don't have a bra to wear?

www.fixitnow.com is the home of the Samurai Appliance repair guy, and has tips on which brands of appliances are more reliable. It's a good place to check while you're making appliance decisions.

We have Kenmore Elite front-loader models, mostly because we are on a septic system and it would have been overwhelmed by the volume of water I was dumping into the leach field if we went with your typical top-loading machine. I'm missing some parts of top-loading washing (no ability to felt knitting, really, and the lost ability to soak the heck out of something right in the machine) but in general, I've got no complaints.

About the washer/dryer, anyway. ;-)

oh dear, that is just unimaginable...eww...

i've never had a new washer, just hand me downs and used ones, and haven't ever gad reason to complain about either kenmore or whirlpool.

but i do think new washers are darn sexy in their hulking, shiny new way. hope you treat yourself to some new bras as well!

Miele. An expensive, front-loading one. Soooooo worth it. Ok, I just walked across the kitchen to check -- it's a model 4446 (which may only be available in Europe, but I'm sure Google can help you find an equivalent). I never thought I would think that a washing machine would be worth spending tonnes of money on, but this thing is amazing -- super quiet, has every setting under the sun, weighs the laundry and tells you how much detergent to use (no kidding! apparently machines work better with the right amount of detergent -- too much and the excess detergent just traps the smells in the clothes, too little and the clothes don't get clean). Anyway, that's my 1p (about 2 cents to you).

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