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January 16, 2008


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Well, I appreciate your advice. A lot. Sometimes it's hard to remember that silliness is my best first response with Thomas. If his mood is generally good, the goofy response is the most effective. In the long, indoor days of winter it's easy to loose that and go directly to a no-nonsense "Try saying that again with your big-boy voice." I am very Clint Eastwood. In a short, dumpy way. I think that with more liberal amounts of silliness, I'll have to rely on ZETZER on a rare occasion.

Thanks again!

Whining is such a patience drain for me. I am (in genearl) fairly patient with the Moosh, but the whining empties my reserves so quickly. I absolutely agree with your ZETZER philosophy, it's the execution that I think will get me.

This is an AWESOME post. I thank you for giving me a name for what I have been doing for a long time.

The best part about your post is that up till now I have felt guilty about the ZER part. For me it is almost scarily easy. I can be Ms. Icicle if I have to be. Many's the time I've hummed my way through Target with 1-3 screaming children, coolly reciting, "Toys are not on our list today. 'Please' is not for changing my mind," wondering if my lack of emotional response was scarring my kids for life... I just sort of imagine everything they say sailing off over my head... as if it's someone else's child... poor woman...

I have a harder time with ZET. I'm so good at ZER that I'd rather just pretend it isn't happening.

I do much of the same approaches.
This post is wonderful in that it reminds to keep doing what I am doing.

I would love it if sometime you could give some example of practical applications of this technique. I have written "Infrastructure Improvements in Myanmar" in large letters on prominently displayed sign in my house as a reminder.

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