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December 31, 2007


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I couldn't find a good way to work this into the post itself: the reasons behind Alex's change of heart were more complicated than I have indicated here, but he asked me not to post them on the web.

As a (Episcopal) youth leader, I deal with the same issues with my kids when they're preparing for Confirmation. I have a kid who should have been confirmed last year, but chose not to be. He keeps coming to youth group, and I keep praying that he'll find his way.

A lot of people go through this kind of spiritual crisis. Alex is blessed to have people to walk with him.

Praise God.

And have a blessed new year.

We are thinking of you all...

And I marvel over your beautiful posts...

You are my role model as a parent...and I so appreciate the thoughtful way you raise your children...

Thanks for sharing this story, CJ. I hope Alex continues to find the same loving support as he struggles with these issues that you and all your extended family have been giving him so far.

[You raise some fascinating questions in my own mind, about what I think is happening among the people of God as they gather at the table to partake of Christ's body and blood, and what that would mean for me if I were ever to be in your situation -- which I suspect I could very easily be, given my kids' personalities. But I don't know what the answers are, necessarily, and in any case, the real point would just be to say thanks -- again -- for sharing this story about your thoughtful quest to be a good mother to your children.]

This is a lovely post.

As someone who went through her own crisis of faith and whose parents handled it horribly (as if it were a personal affront instead of a genuine quest) I love how you've approached this. My mother actually didn't speak to me for a week because we were not offering communion at the wedding--custom at our church when a Catholic marries a non Catholic. Lovely.

oh cj, praise god indeed. so many good feelings are going through me right now- just so very thrilled for you and alex and all. i can't imagine what your heart went through. we've all gone through our crisis of faith- my own former nun mom must have been in such anguish during my own young adult years. and now i'm a ym with grad degrees in rel ed. huh. god bless alex for working it out and for all those who loved him through it.

i'm saying a prayer of thanksgiving that alex is in union with community once again- we missed you, dear one.

CJ, this was a beautifully written piece. Thank you so much for sharing the struggles in your family - it brings hope to me.

First...LOL! I want this to be my Facebook status: Angela is and resolved to relish the stirring instead of wishing my cassoulet were already baked. I think my friends from the Cooking Light website would appreciate it too. :)

I chose to not take communion for the first time on Christmas Eve. My parents both know that I've been doing some searching these past 8 years...at this point I will say I'm a Theist but can't expand on that in any simple way. Anyway...I certainly didn't expect that my choosing to not go up for communion would make my mother cry...but it did. Ugh. :( Part of me thinks I should take it (I'm not Catholic so the transubstantiation is not an issue with me) as a sign that I'm still open to the possibilities...

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