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December 17, 2007


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Pete sings a cute jingle bells!

Jingle bells?

I am with you on hating the scooping and preferring bar cookies. Toffee tops sound delicious. I have no idea, though, what a native Midwesterner - and I am one - would say if her toffee didn't set up properly. I would probably say, "Shoot! It's not getting hard enough!" but am I the prototype Midwesterner? Hard to say.

I'd almost forgotten we called our little one Pahoehoe when she was in the womb, but now I'm giggling at the thought of toffee pahoehoe. It could be worse, though: you could have toffee 'a'a!

The recipe looks good - checks cupboard - nope, I don't have almond extract. Everything else though... hmmm.

I still have cookies to bake - not sure when that will happen, but somehow someway I will make it happen :-).

Pete is too cute! Deeka bez to him too!

I don't have almond extract either - could I use vanilla?

Oh, I'm sure vanilla would be just fine.

Jingle Bells, baby! I have a two year old and a degree in Toddle-speak.

Come on, that's way too easy. Even if Deeka Bez wasn't repeated twice, there is the give-away "aaah way" ending!

Excuse my crankiness, you're reminding me here of how very, very sad my almond-free life is, and how much it sucks to have children with nut allergies.

All my favorite Christmas cookies? ALMONDS!

(I did buy some fake almond extract, and gave abundant thanks for it, but still, there are SO MANY cookies that call for the nuts themselves. Woe is me, she wailed pathetically while glancing around to see if anyone would offer her an extra cookie....)

That's a lot of cookies, no doubt, but better too many cookies than too few. My book club (population: 11) was planning to have a cookie exchange, but the person who offered to host said we should each bring only TWO dozen cookies. One dozen would be alloted to party eating, and then we'd each be allowed to carefully select twelve precious cookies to take home. I didn't say anything then, but inwardly I was thinking "12? I'd go home with only one dozen cookies? That amount wouldn't last ten minutes in my house." Sorry, but I'm not going out in the cold for a measly dozen cookies. Party was subsequently canceled due to overwhelming stress on the part of just about everyone....

Ah HA! I found you! I must say, those bars were soooo dirtyyyyyy!!!! I really liked them. I think young kids would call them "the bomb" "class" or "dangerous"
I hate to say it, but we are almost done eating 84 cookies.....in 2 days, now that's talent!

Raised in SE Michigan, and I'd say "It's not setting up right." I do know I'd say all of the "-ing" even in that moment, so maybe it's only the word ending that separates us?

@Arwen: "toffee 'a'a" made me laugh.

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