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November 29, 2007


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Beyond encouraging you to squeak LOUDLY, I don't know what else to say. School is hard enough without asinine homework and idiotic counter-productive discipline strategies.


I don't like rocking the boat either, but in my experience, not talking to them leads to nothing good, and talking to them often leads to something better.

I applaud your efforts to get what your son needs. I often consider returning to homeschooling. In so many ways, it would suit us better. But in so many ways, public school has served our needs better too. I wish I could have the best of both!

i think all the time what a giant PITA i will be when pnut (and bean!) get to school- as a religious educator, i'll be even worse with whatever catechetical instruction they receive, i'm sure. my poor kids, they'll probably stop telling me when there's a problem just to avoid the embarrassment of mama charging up there to care for her young. sigh.

that said, i *do* think it will be more difficult for me for a few reasons- mostly b/c i have the background in ed now and know what's cool and what isn't. i have no patience for BS, either, or folks who are just enjoying tenure til retirement.

i don't know what i'll do- public or parish, i know i won't send our kids to our parish school b/c as the person who YM's their graduates i am appalled by what these poor kids don't know, especially w/ regard to their faith. don't get me started on the rest! however, our public schools aren't super hot here either. it's a tough choice that i am glad we have a few more years on.

and FWIW, my husband is a lefty and uses lefty scissors with ease. he had his own pair in school, i think. how can left-handedness still be an issue in 2007?

Not to belittle your angst, but whenever I start thinking that if I sent my kids to a "real" school, life would be a breeze, something like this pops up to remind me that there isn't any easy way out of parenting and educating your children.

Hope all turns out well!

I know it's the exact opposite of homeschool, but: Alex is only a year younger than I was when I learned about the American Boychoir.


Hi, Steve, you are very smart. American Boychoir isn't the opposite of homeschooling at all: there's a close connection in the idea of smallish groups of boys getting focused attention to teach them how to run with their gifts (and, incidentally, learn lots of other things that may or may not be their gifts). Was it painful to go back to small-town public junior high afterward?

From the stories we've both told, it was less painful for me to go back after two years away than it was for you to go straight through. I had my couple of fights, but no one set me on fire.

I hadn't considered the idea that homeschool and a boarding school might be similar might be similar in attention-paid-per-kid. Learning how to be independent was a much bigger part of my overall experience, and being away from home was a big factor in that.

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