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November 30, 2007


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Yeah!, Here's hoping for a good meeting!, and blessings for a smooth end of semester!

whoo-hoo! i was reprieved from a meeting with my advisor this afternoon so am enjoying an unexpected afternoon off, hoping to get some good work done myself. so much left to do to get this proposal d.o.n.e!

i was thinking about your post yesterday with your eldest being opposed to cath. school, we are trying (my husband and i) to get my eldest nephew into a cath HS for next year. at first he was adamantly opposed to it (the amt of work! the strictness!), but with some honest discussions and a great experience at their open house he has actually come around- please pray that his test scores are good enough to get him a seat. this boy needs a small environment where he is nurtured so he can flourish. so there's that for you. have a great weekend!

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