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November 02, 2007


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Life! Yours, your kids, the vagaries of the world..
Heck, if you post it, I'll read it!

Parenting boys (as I am soon to be faced with that myself)! Breastfeeding a newborn while keeping the toddler from destroying the house. Keeping up with housework with a demanding job/school and children. The value of chores, and when they should be assigned.

Anything about faith. I love the way you write about it.

Living simply and nonconsumeristically (yes, it's a word, I just decided now).

But yeah, post it, I'll read t!

Your beautiful boys! Your family!
How you can be a graduate student, work, and still put your family first (because I am going through the same thing)...

And I second writing about faith...and doubt...

um, I'm having enough trouble figuring out how to do 30 posts this month...

anything you write is usually great with me. though I do tend to tune out part of the stats ones ;-).

But I have rediscovered that I love algebra, since ds14 is taking algebra and he has discovered that I am better at explaining things than dh, since dh tends to get too deep, and I just solve the problem.

ditto the successful balance of children with work and school (although i'll bet not having a tv has an awful lot to do w/ it...)

what are your daily rituals of faith with the boys? especially when younger? have really started to feel the pressure of being the pnut's "first teacher of the faith"- she's just too little to get a whole lot if anything from Mass, we have cemented in that santa comes because of baby jesus, but i'm at a bit of a loss how to start teaching her about God, etc. it's funny, b/c all of the metaphors and stories we use to teach our children are the exact things that i *don't* want to teach her, in a way, b/c i don't want to get to 10-12-14 yrs old and have to explain, well, mommy sort of lied about that, that was just a story to help you understand your faith.

we try our best to live our faith in practical ways and through our actions, but i feel like i am falling short in what i should be telling her right now that she will understand and not freak out about.

also, i'm with amy on balancing newborn with toddler. more specifically, how did you come to terms yourself with the idea of the newborn? my daughter and i are so close and she is so sensitive and we are pretty attached, and i am scared a little how much her world will change, how it will effect her when the newbaby arrives next summer. am i just filling up my own head with unnecessary worry?

oddly enough, potty training. we're failing at it here, and i'm interested in hearing what parents who have survived it have to say.

or, you know, whatever else you want to write.

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