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November 06, 2007


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You made me laugh. A lot! So, if you once thought disdainful thoughts of moms who served chocolate before noon, how about a mom who sneaks the 1/2 price peanut M&Ms that she bought at Target by the handful starting before 6 am all the way until bedtime? Not that I need you to approve. I tell myself I am just trying to finish the bag so the temptation goes away.

BTW, love FreeRice. My oldest dd can learn vocabulary and cultivate her social consciousness at the same time. She loves it! Mom, look! I donated 1000 grains of rice, she shouts.

Oops, must get back to school!

Wow, you did try. I figure you got 50% of the audience to eat them, along with the neighbor kid, so that's pretty good.

Maybe the illusion thing is a good practice to follow though -- would've solved your cake problem with the priest too! He probably just shrugged it off as "weird americans and their vegetable-as-desserts". Is there a British word for zucchini, too? I think I came across it somewhere (just like the eggplant!) but can't recall it just now.

send them my way then - they sound absolutely delicious!

and my kids would try them too :-). though I'm not sure how I got them to be this way - they do take one bite of anything I insist they try.

Now you're got me thinking about baking!

I believe you are thinking of courgettes for an English zucchini.

Courgettes! Yes!

I feel sorry about your story and even sorrier to realize that the same thing would have happened at our home... :( Sometimes I wonder WHY, WHY they can't like vegetables.

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