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November 13, 2007


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I say that instead of taking a taxi, use that money towards another pair of dressy, comfortable walking shoes. That way you only have to pack one pair (convienence!), you'll "save" the money on the taxi (frugality), and in the end you'll have a nice pair of shoes to show for it. Better than wasting money on a taxi ride and having nothing to show for it, right? For a little more you get shoes!

Of course, this is logic I use pretty frequently. It may be faulty.

I hope everything went well, that you found what to wear, gave a great talk, and, most important of all, didn't miss Petey too much. This summer I spent the very first days away from my sons and it was OK. They're older, though, 3 and 5.

bring the extra pair of shoes- you'll be glad to be comfortable on the way there and back, and you'll feel more confident during your talk. parsimony schmarsinony. sometimes, it's ok to be a woman!

best of luck to you- we'll say a prayer!

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