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October 18, 2007


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I am whimpering just looking at the words curvilinear regression. I will now cope by ignoring them completely since I do not have to learn them at all :-).

I am more upset that I am probably saying your last name wrong. I will now politely request (I was going to say demand and decided that was a bit too strident) that you drop everything and e-mail me to let me know where the hidden "y" sound should be, so I can learn to pronounce it correctly. You know, after you get all of the important stuff done - just put it on the to-do list "e-mail Tracy with correction". Thanks!

Really? There's a y sound in spurious? Is this like duty -- some say 'dyouty' and some say 'dooty'?

I learned something here today. Not stats, but something just the same. :)

What about coupon? I say spyurious, but on the other hand I say coopon rather than kyoopon. I suspect spurious without the Y sound is an accepted variant--or will be soon if it isn't already.

I have a hidden Y sound in my first name, so I feel your pain, maybe even more since my hidden Y sound didn't go away when I got married.

Good luck with curvilinear regression; sounds like a nightmare!

I vote for coo-pon, though I grew up saying cue-pon. I can't really justify cue-pon on etymological grounds. I'm not much of a prescriptivist, though. :-)

Never heard of spYurious in my life. I'm not as educated as you are ("curvilinear regression"? I'm feeling faint!) though, so maybe I just missed it.

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