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October 11, 2007


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I can't stand socks either. I wear my sandals about 10 months of the year! I wish my kids could.

CJ, I thought of you yesterday when I was pulling the 407 individual, not-even-one-matched-pair pile of socks out of the dryer, and wondered again why God could not have just given us all really hairy feet.

ugh- pnut needs new, bigger socks for the season. it annoys me.

love the shot w/ the knex- my husband's favorite as a boy! we got them for our nephews last Christmas and they were a big hit.

laughing (gently) at the perimeter of kid-stuff around the room- what is that? my living room (main area of the house) is just a giant pile of her stuff now...whatever happened to my goal of "less is more" and "sustainable toys" etc. etc.? sigh, and a smile.

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