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October 31, 2007


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Oh, all my best to you. When you talk about computer issues between you and your husband, it's like you're telling my story:

Happy wife turns grouchy, snappy, and frustrated when determined and slightly pushy husband tries to "guide" wife through something computerly (especially with the pressure of converting to Linux).

Good luck. Hey, how'd the costumes turn out?

Oh dear.

What kind of tea do you prefer?

GREAT sympathy from a wife who determinedly clings to "my" computer and OS!

I've finally been got, it took over a year of my husband gently pointing out that a linux system would make my 2002 PC run much smoother. I have not yet had to attempt doing school work on it, as I'm in the process of applying, not taking any classes.

There's something very visceral about the helpless feeling of "I can't make this software GO!" isn't there?

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