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October 02, 2007


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Sorry to hear this. Prayers for a smooth procedure.

Ooof. This will definitely be funny in a couple years. In the meantime, I hope the procedure is decidedly not funny, but boring & mundane.

Wow. Hope that comes out alright. The things kids do!

I'm guessing he won't do that again! :)

Oh, NO!!! I'm so sorry to hear this.


Oh Good Lord! I remember when my nephew stuffed pieces of a nurf ball up his nose - and my sister found it days later - because of the stink. This is awful for you - they will surely get it out, but Good Lord! I was all into the nap in the Autumn sunshine - good luck!

Oh, bummer! I will definitely say a bunch of prayers, and hope the rock comes out with no further trouble.

Oops! I'm on my mom's computer. The above comment was mine.


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