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September 09, 2007


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baptized in sand to undo water... Tell him it has to be FIRE. HA!

Hey - at least he's a creative and independent thinker!

Big HUGS from me to you, my friend!! Hang in there!

I'm counting the cost in both the ways you mentioned. Mothering has been especially challenging for the last few days (even though I've only got one to deal with, and I still have the advantage of size over him), it's been nothing but whines and attitudes and kicks in the face. Literal kicks in the face. Even the holy mother saints wouldn't have liked being kicked in the face, and I'm no saint. But at the same time I am feeling the burden of my unproductive womb, and struggling to accept that part of the meaning of "I will accept the children God sends me" means accepting that there may be no more.

It's hard. But it's still far easier to bear than the pain of losing my first child. I am a mother, and that means I have no choice but to go forward, to cook and clean and care, to persevere.

As someone facing some cost overruns of her own, I appreciate this post. I'm sorry that you needed to write it, but I thank you anyway.

Gemma is an avowed atheist herself these days, but she's only six, so her ability to sustain the conversation is mercifully brief. So that's not really on my list, right now. You have my supportive sympathy, though. It's good that you've raised a thinker -- it seems the ultimate affirmation of your schooling choices. And I do have faith that the Holy Spirit leads us on the journey we're meant to take.

Whoa. A traveling apologetics gig to a kid who wants to undo his baptism with sand? That sounds like tough stuff.

The whole foreknowledge implying predestination outruling free will question is a big one. I'm not sure Aquinas himself would be able answer that one to your son's satisfaction. I imagine you're explaining it just as well as I could, if not better, too. I'm guessing you've already tried explaining the difference between eternity and time, and how God knows time from outside it and thus knows the future in a different way than the only way we can "know" it - i.e. by planning to take certain actions and having reasonable certainty they will occur. But eternity is such a mystery - I'm still stumped by it myself, frankly - that I dunno how much help that will be.

Is it just the Christian God that he doesn't believe in any more? Or has he declared that there is no supreme being at all? Because atheism is not a religion; it's a philosophical position, and you could go through some proofs of the existence of God with him. There are some good ones at the beginning of the Summa.

I think with a ten-year-old the most effective means of showing him God is just to keep loving him and praying for him. Who knows where he'll be in another ten years?

I'm sorry I can't be of more help. This is a toughie! Keep your chin up, though, and I'll pray for you and Alex.

Thanks for sharing this so much. I am praying for you, but I also want to fall weeping on your neck because you express so well the thoughts I (and many mothers I know) have often....the self-pity, the loss, the cost overruns, the pushed buttons...it's ALL THERE. And somehow it is a balm to know that we are not alone (and not just not alone because Jesus is with us, but not alone because we are with each other).

I wish I could solve the worries and problems, but I can only say, "I can understand something of what you are going through." I empathize.

God bless you and your boys and your readers.

Yes. My tower's budget is completely in the red. But... I have a tower :-D.

I remember saying this is too much, Lord. I can't do this anymore. Can it really be over 16 years since my first miscarriage? That child would be asking to drive now. Instead, I am having my own struggles with my own lack of patience, etc. But I still wouldn't trade it for anything.

As for the 10 yo - I have no ideas. I haven't had to deal with that one (yet). I'll be praying!

Your son probably knows, but may need reminding, that NOTHING will ever undo his baptism. He is eternally marked as a child of God, and just like he can not undo the fact that you are his mother, he can not undo the fact that God is his Father.

Does he explain why he exists, as far as for what purpose if he doesn't believe in God. Does he think any part of himself is immortal, or does he think he'll be nothing but dust when he dies ? I know he is only 10, but apparently he is pretty sophisticated for his age.

Or is something else his god these days? Seems as if this has been going on since at least June, so I doubt it is a quickly passing stage.

Of course the other option is say nothing and pray your brains out. Let God take care of it, because He certainly can.

Either way, you all are in my prayers.


Is it a religion thing? Or is it just that god seems inconvenient right now, stopping him from things he would much rather be doing?

Maybe it's frustration over God answering prayers in his own way and in his own time...maybe he feels he has been patient enough, and needs some tangible proof...

There is a quote...I can't remember it exactly...but it says something like doubt isn't the opposite of faith, it is an element of faith...

Let him believe what he needs to believe right now...
In the meantime, I will be praying for both of you...

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