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August 28, 2007


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Congratulations! I'm sure that you will be great. How long is your talk? A handful of my friends (undergraduate psychology majors) have been given chances to present papers and projects at various conferences but I've always been to chicken/too disorganized to attempt anything of the sort.

Congratulations on the acceptances!

(And, er, if you need any audio-visual stuff, it appears you might not want to count on the conference organizers for it, since their organizational skills seem a little, hmmm, lacking.)

Hey, cool!

Congratulations! That is exciting! You'll do great.

Also, what Jody said about not counting on the conference organizers for pretty much anything.

That's awesome! I presented at a geography conference in Fort Worth when I was an undergrad. It was fine, even if some people did roll their eyes at me (the head of my department!).

You will do fine.

Massively cool! Presentations and papers are the lifeblood of a Ph.D. so this is absolutely wonderful.


Hey, that's exciting. Congrats!

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