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August 30, 2007


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While I admit it is not fall, I do have some lovely sugar pumpkins that I have recently harvested from the garden. My daughters want pumpkin pie. I've told them that it is too hot for pumpkin pie.

Oh, TOTALLY. They offered me one this morning and I was all, are you smoking CRACK? One grande iced caramel macchiato, please!

(And Sarabeth, I'd have sugar pumpkins too, if my husband hadn't mowed them down thinking they were weeds. *sigh*)

I think this is just another symptom of our society's horrible case of Jumping the Gun Syndrome, that same malady which causes the Christmas decorations to go up the day after Halloween and the Valentine's Day decorations to go up the day after Christmas. The day after Halloween there will still be - technically - nearly two months of the autumn season left, but what do you want to bet you won't be able to get pumpkin anything? It'll be peppermint holiday everything, for sure.

I've already seen Hallowe'en displays in stores. And not small, getting-ready ones, either. Fah!

I had the same reaction to Starbucks yesterday.

I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but two weeks ago I actually purchased a Halloween crafty thing to donate to my daughter's daycare. It was on an end cap. At a large store. And I didn't realize why that was wrong until I was loading it on to the check out and I saw another shopper with a watermelon. /sigh.

I saw that this morning on the drive-thru board! What are they thinking?!

...Admittedly, I've been the one drinking peppermint mochas (Christmas beverage!!) all through the summer, so who am I to judge? But at least I can claim 'pregnancy craving.' :)

AAAY-men! Preach it sistah! The only place Halloween should be even CLOSE is in the fabric store. I cut them some one-season-ahead slack, because people do need to plan ahead!

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