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August 22, 2007


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I have no idea about Kindergarten Man's secret powers - unless it's to eat lunch faster than the time allowed (always a great feat), able to sharpen pencils in a second, and can leap from desk to desk in a single bound!

But he's in Kindergarten??? I am having one of THOSE moments - where it's okay that my kids just keep growing and growing, but the instant I realize that a friend's kids are growing too - how did THAT HAPPEN??? How did he get to be so BIG??

As for the math... you lost me at multiple regression. There is no way to get me back. I do not do stats. I am certain that if I were motivated, I could do stats, but since I lack both motivation and necessity to learn, I will remain ignorant!

As I reread my comment, I wish to clarify that I will continue to READ about YOU learning stats - that is interesting. When I say that "you lost me at multiple regression", I mean that my brain said, Hmmmm, numbers that I don't have to understand, so I will just say La la la instead..."

This is totally unrelated, but when I pulled up this page and started reading this post Camilla came over and saw the picture of you with Pete, and started waving. Perhaps she recognizes a kindred spirit when she sees one, and they are bound to someday be great friends!

Calder thinks calculus should be taught in kindergarten, too.

In fact, we had a fight about the US's terrible maths education while driving home last week. He claims that all the high-tech jobs that have gone to India, would NOT have gone, if only people in the States did better math in High School.

If only my father hadn't been unemployed for three years thanks to the loss of all jobs in his field to India, I would have been slightly less emotional and slightly more convinced of the argument that our tech job-loss can be explained by under-supply of people possessing basic math skills.

Because my dad's been laid off four times in the last twenty years, and at each iteration, there are more people pursuing fewer jobs for poorer wages. So the whole "we lack a large enough math and computer-literate workforce to compete with India" argument lacks ... persuasiveness to me.

Still think of you when I think of the Lord Byron quote. We are not going to officially start school for about two more weeks. In the meantime, I am trying to get my house organized since I officially fell off my fly lady wagon with many trips out of town in succession.

Miss you!

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