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April 15, 2007


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i applaud your willingness to be honest with your kids- even though my pnut is still shy of 2, i have told her from day 1 that mama is not perfect, and we'll work this through together. oh, my, does she push me to my limits nearly each and everyday (and i only have the one!) and i do things everyday that i regret, but i think of the mercy that i hope to receive and try all over again- sometimes i need more time to cool off than others, but we get through it. i often think of the line in The Screwtape Letters where the uncle explains how the easiest way to get humans to falter was within the family- the little, needling issues and arguments and resentments that tear down our closest relationships. that always draws me up short, and i think, uh-oh. tim eto be merciful, indeed.

i can't remember a time when i ever felt that my mom wasn't perfect- and she never allowed herself to be seen as imperfect- and i think that was a deficit for us. i think kids need to feel safe and secure in their parents, yet need to trust in their own instincts as well, to know that sometimes moms and dads can be wrong, too. and that's ok. it's a fine line, and we are doing our best to walk it now that it is our turn to be parents.

i'll pray for you and your boys. hang in there.

Noooooo...say it isn't so! One of my big fears is that as soon as I can get my 6yo to drop her horrid attitude, her sweet, angelic, baby sister will pick it up. (the thought of it makes me want to cry.)

I wish I could be a more perfect mother for my children, but perhaps in our failings we can all learn a little more about mercy, offered and received.

Amen, amen. So well said.

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