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April 11, 2007


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Just a quick comment on dealing with your son:

There is always the dificulty of balancing Law and Gospel, even when dealing with our children. My husband and I discuss this often-- How do we go about motivating them with the Gospel rather than twisting their arms with the Law?

Can you explain that sentence about the fish oil again? I haven't taken a biology class since 9th grade, or chemistry since 11th, so I'm a bit lost. Are you trying to create the cannabis-like substance by supplementing with fish oil? If that's the case, I hear the Carlson's lemon-flavored cod liver oil is quite tasty....

Oh, and I already know what the best childcare system in the world is: GRANDMOTHERS. Not everyone can swing it, I know, but my grandmother cared for me and my brother, and my mother cares for my son, and I hope that someday I can care for my own grandchildren.

This part was Greek to me:

Low DHA levels are associated with low serotonin levels, and endogenous anandamide -- a cannabis-like substance -- is synthesized from arachidonic acid.

BUT. If fish oil would help my 15 year old behave better, I'm interested in him taking it with every meal and twice on Sunday.
I'm thinking I might keep my own notebook of his infractions, and show it to him.

The day care thing is soooooo hard. I'm sorry that you are dealing with this.

How would flax seed oil differ from fish oil? And what is the dosage recommendations per age/weight?

can add to the questions? can you briefly tell me why you don't think it's a good idea for a toddler to be in a group daycare? (pc be damned!) i've always thought an infant needs to be w/ their mothers, but by age 2 or so a little more socialization is a good thing- getting them around other kids, etc. i'm asking b/c pnut is 21 months now and we are getting desperate for childcare- and i have been looking at one or two afternoons a week at a daycare/school (rolls eyes) for her. i'm trying to find the best solution to this issue, and was wondering what your info is on this.
thanks, and best with your oldest. these years are just as tough as the toddler ones, i think. my 13 yr old nephew is also having some issues with controlling all that juju barrelling around inside of him, also with two little brothers. he is a good kid that is about to go through the adolescent head-up-the-butt phase, and we are all bracing ourselves. hang in there.

At first blush, the daycare you were in sounds like the daycare center my daughter went to. The caregivers in the infant room were Wonderful (capital W), due in part to the fact they were Grandmothers. (Yay, Grandmas!)

The toddler room was a disaster, always. Though I know now that my daughter was NEVER going to fit in with the toddler-room caregivers or the other kids there, I think every toddler there had one thing working against them: the space. Sure, it was understaffed in that room, too, but I think the toddler room needs to offer as much or nearly as much space as the 3yo room.

Two y.o.s are still into parallel play and they can be emotive and explosive. That's fine. But when you bind them up in a too-small room, expecting they'll only need a bit more space than they needed in the infant room, you're writing a recipe for really bad days.

I do have more to add, but I have an almost-3yo who declares she needs a snack. Now.

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