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April 12, 2007


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In a book Moxie recommends, "The Mood Cure" (or maybe in the diet cure book, by the same nutritionist) there is something about fish oil having a couple of nutrients that flax oil is missing, and the suggestion is to take flax oil AND some essential ocean algae together if you are vegetarian. I'm afraid I can't remember which algae.

Hmmm...I am just starting on an SSRI, maybe I can also work on the nutrition end of things while the pharmaceuticals kick in. My problem is I keep planning and intending to deal with this stuff through diet and exercise, but then I'm too stressed or wiped out to DO it.

I love reading your posts about your studies, and the tidbits about environmental factors and their effects on health. I'm applying for an MPH program this fall and it's fascinating (and terrifying) to me how many health problems and quirks can be helped by changing what you put in your body. I've learned enough about the fumes ofgassed by plastics that "new car smell" now smells like "headaches and cancer" to me.

oh, when i read a post like this, i realize all over again why i heart you! thanks for feeding my brain on a day when it was starving! off to do some reading for school. have a great weekend!

That's pretty impressive stuff! I bet you're never at a loss for conversation with such information at your fingertips! Aren't there some fish oils that are labeled "mercury-free"? How reliable is labeling in this area?

I've been taking flax seed caplues on and off for the last year or so. After I'm finished with this bottle, maybe I'll switch to fish oil instead. What brands do you like?

What are your thoughts about kids getting Omega-3s through 'enriched' products like the Omega-3 eggs and the pasta enriched with Omega-3s? I haven't done all-out research on this, but I'm finding I'm coming up with more questions than answers about giving Omega-3 supplements to my kids.

Sarah, I have Nature's Bounty in my medicine cabinet. No idea how the different brands stack up, though.

Katie, from my not-very-informed perspective I vote yes on eggs and no on pasta. I'm in favor of hens eating flaxseed so the omega-3s appear in their eggs. I think that's how it's supposed to work, with nutrients making their way up the food chain.

In general, I think fortification is a weaker substitute. For pasta in particular, since it has to be boiled and high heat damages omega-3 fatty acids, it seems like a bad idea. (I don't think it's a problem for the eggs -- I have the idea that they are more stable, just as you don't have to eat salmon raw to benefit from its omega-3s. But there's a lot to know.)

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