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March 05, 2007


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Praying for you! I know St. Thomas Aquinas and Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom have got your back.

Ah, my husband has been in the same boat lately. I feel as much stress as he does to get those blasted projects done. He only has one more mid-term, and 2 big papers left. Only, I say. *heh* Gotta love mid-term time. I know the kids do. *rolling eyes*

I am wishing you lots of luck on your grades (not that you'll need them; you're an excellent writer!). Let us know how it goes!

And hooray for almost being ready to present your draft!

You're going to laugh at my reading material, but the soundtrack in my mind is going 'She thinks she can, she thinks she can - tooo toooooo!'

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