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March 28, 2007


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I love your description of it, including all the biology. :) (I'm always awed by the mathematics component, myself.) Music, and making music, and being enveloped in it, is truly one of the most majestic gifts.

Thanks for the teary reminder of how we are truly body and soul. Beauty is such a gift. I am so pleased you had such a restorative experience.

wish i could wake up the part of my brain that learned which kind of personality type responds spiritually to music- i'm thinking augustinian, but don't quote me just yet. i too get some of my most deepest spiritual responses to truly beautiful music- you are not a dork! (or, i am too)

a blessed holy week, and a blessed and joy-filled easter to the entire family!

Beautiful, and now I'm sorry that I read this so late. I could have tried to see them in Baltimore last Sunday... that's too bad :(

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