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February 27, 2007


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You mean I could be eating cookies right now? During LENT? That feels so wrong, it must be right.

Then again, the last time I tried making cookies with whole wheat flour, my menfolk rebelled and I had to eat them all myself.

They are penitential cookies. ;-)

Hm, interesting....I'm quite hooked on spelt oatmeal cookies at the moment (from that Lorna Sass book that came out last fall). They're not at all penitential...but then again they do contain some sugar. And chocolate chips. ;)

THANKS!! i appreciate it! pnut's favorite word is cook-ie, cook-ie, cook-ie and i need something to give her that i don't feel terrible about. need to pick up some whole wheat flour and then we'll be good to go! i'll let you know how it turns out! thanks again!

Mm, sounds good to me. Thanks CJ.

oh, i meant to do this the other day, found this through breed 'em and weep:

she blogs about food and eating more responsibly- just made me think of you and that you may be interested. enjoy!

So my dh is now glucose intolerant. I may try those cookies, they look to be fairly low on the glycemic index to me.

Mine just went in the oven! Can't wait to see how they are. On top of everything else, they're South Beach legal! :-)

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