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February 18, 2007


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That is both sweet and funny. :)

Perhaps I will project your present self on my present self: one day my son will poop in the potty. He will use the potty for all his elimination needs. Relax, this is not a big deal.

Yeah, that's better.

My daughter, at 3 1/2 is just now starting to slow down on the nursing (or nummo, as it's known in our house). We've now gotten to where on some days she doesn't nurse at all between the morning session and the bedtime session. I am highly ambivalent, of course. I love toddler nursing!

Awww... I a little jealous. My toddler (only very slightly younger than yours, I believe) quit nursing very emphatically just before Christmas (this after a month of fighting to get him to keep going!). He had no solids until he was almost a year, and was very attached to nursing, but when it was time, I guess it was time. He was sure he was done and would not nurse, and didn't miss it when I said "Fine! I guess we're done!" Then a few weeks later (when the milk was long since gone) he started asking every day to nurse. So I let him try and he couldn't remember how! He cried and I wanted to, but he hasn't asked again since.

Enjoy the toddler nursing!

My former self also experienced way too much angst over the weaning question. I prefer my present self's approach to weaning, and life in general. Enjoy the present - it goes too fast.

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