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January 10, 2007


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This made me snort. And although I kind of don't want my kissable little baby to ever grow up, I'm looking forward to having a toddler too.

That cracks me up! Gotta love it when they start becoming more "self-sufficient".

Well at least he was trying!

Hey! We have both of those cups!

I am very happy that R can't open the fridge. He would be able to if the door was at the bottom, but since I have a bottom drawer freezer, he can't get the leverage needed to open the top door.

Wait, he can pour himself something out of a tertrapak already? El P is really behind, I guess. At least he makes up for it with his biting skills...

Pete is truly the cutest child ever.

Moxie, if you look closely you can see the puddles of chicken broth on the table. You can't see the puddles in the seat of the chair but trust me, they're there. He is pretty cute, isn't he?

This is HILARIOUS!! I'm LOL here. He's the cutest!!!

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