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January 31, 2007


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May God grant you wisdom!

I have no advice, only prayers for wisdom!

It sounds like you'd enjoy the work either way, and my experience has been if you're iffy about a boss before you start, you're usually right. Best of luck whatever you decide.

I agree with my mom, and I'm praying for prudence for you! (If I'm remembering my moral theology training correctly, it's the virtue of prudence which should help in times like these.)

P.S. I agree with Clare, too. That has always been my experience.

Totally off topic... School? Weren't you a homeschooler when last we met? No judgement implied, by the way, just curious about the change. Or am I just remembering wrong?

Thanks for the good wishes, everybody, and Clare, I think you're right on the money.

Blest, you're right -- we homeschooled until this year. My big guys are in fourth and first grades at the neighborhood elementary school because I did not think I could juggle grad school and homeschooling satisfactorily. Life as a part-time doctoral student is usually much easier than life as a homeschooling mother, I have to say. I think I will probably homeschool again for junior high, but our local school (~200 kids) is working out well for us this year.

Wow, that is wonderful. I'm going to third Clare with her supervisor comment. Praying for you!

Yeah, I would avoid a micromanaging supervisor, even if it is more money. But I hate being micromanaged, in that I seriously can't stand it. If you can take working with someone like that, I would take the 2nd job. If you can't, do job #1. It sounds like you'd enjoy both of them!

I'd lean more for the working with kids, myself. Having JUST gone through almost 18 months of therapy with Riley, I can see how a great therapist, as I'm sure you will be, made all of the difference in the quality of life for our entire family.

I'm biased, because I've done in-home therapy with toddlers and preschoolers in the past, but I would take job #1.
I'd also agree that it's not a good sign that you're getting certain vibes about job #2. My FIL took a part-time job after retirement and his boss kept scheduling him for more hours than he had agreed to, despite his having been very clear about wanting to be part-time.
Prayers for your decision!

Arwen--yup, it's prudence. I know because I could use a healthy dose of it myself right about now. And also because of Sacred Doctrine. Gotta love it, right?

To put in my two cents (I seriously typed "two sense" approximately four times before I could spell the word correctly. I'm not sure whether that's a Freudian slip or some other kind, but I'm sure it shows that something between my brain and my fingertips is not working properly...), I'm seconding (fourthing?) Clare on the go-with-your-gut advice. I took a job last spring with a guy whom I felt uncomfortable around from Moment One of the initial interview, and it turned out to be the most stressful and least enjoyable employment experience of my life. But I'll say a prayer that God will guide you in the right direction--keep us posted!

I'd say if you're not sure about your boss in job 2 then go with job 1. I'm in a job at the moment with lots of staff politics and seem to end up caught inbetween the opposing sides, so if you've got an feeling, I'd say don't go there. However, I'd also add that you should pray about it and speak to people who really know you so you can share details about the jobs that you couldn't put on a blog. I'll be praying for wisdom for you :-)

I pray that God gives you guidance in this.

But it sounds iffy with the supervisor at the 2nd job. for me, I'd go nuts with such a person telling me every second I should do or not do.

and I love our SLP who comes to our house 2x a week to do R's therapy, so if you're going to be one of those lovely people... you'd be great at that too. And we need all the great ones there that we can get.

I am going to miss our SLP when R turns 3 :-(.

Oh, yah, this was about YOU! :-)

Just wanted to wish you luck in your new adventure. Praying God drops nto your heart the direction He wants you to take (although it sounds like He has already).

Okay, I totally screwed up the link under my name. Wished I owned a railway though. ROFL

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