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January 03, 2007


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Happy Birthday, eldest boy who is now in double-digit land. I love the nursing knight - too cute. And yes, chocolate is a must.

Ahhh, I love them all. LOVE your book room -- a family after my own heart! And the chocolate stash is too much. Smart kid.

Thanks for sharing!

I agree, the nursing knight is adorable. And I saw Blokus in one of your pictures - we had a blast playing that over Christmas!

I'm glad you explained about the glass of water. I might have mistaken it for drool! But I guess that's only because Miss Muffet's clothes look like that when she's teething.

Your kids are adorable. And also? We got Blokus for Christmas from in-laws and are absolutely addicted to it! Are the boys master strategists yet?

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