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January 14, 2007


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I agree with the you of 2002, but mainly because I think doughnuts are gross.

But thanks so much for the rock-hauling analogy. Love it.

Yesterday was iffy for us as well. It was icy here so both R and I stayed home. The Moosh, unused to having both parents within striking distance at a given time, spent the entire day jumping on, kicking, and punching us. I used my "annoyed mother" voice way more than I wanted to. Then I forced him to go to bed because he was so tired he could barely focus, and you would have thought I had forced him to sleep outside in the ice rather than in his warm bed with me RIGHT THERE rubbing his back.

He was asleep 5 minutes later. Bliss.

I don't tend to comment much but always enjoy your posts. You write about the trenches (and celebrations) of motherhood so eloquently. Thank you for your honesty and insights.

Yeah, I often chuckle at the idealistic mother I used to be. I sounded good at the time, but...

Thanks for the inspiring words. I especially needed these today...after working through sharing the highly favored Matchbox car for the upteenth time in the space of 30 min...

This morning L was dressing herself. She struggled into her shirt and I said, "Hey! You got your shirt on all by yourself! Good job!" and she launched herself onto the floor shrieking, "Don't say 'good job!'" Total freakout. At 8:30 am.

Mmmm . . . donuts.

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