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January 25, 2007


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Bravo to Elwood! I've talked to several moms-with-Ph.D.s who've said that the support of their husbands was the only thing that they couldn't have done without. Good for him!

There are geckos (I'm not sure which variety, but not leopard, because they definitely have sticky toes) ALL OVER the walls at my mostly-outdoor-hallwayed school. Thus, my experienced voice can promise you this: one upside to the lack of sticky toes is that you will never have to explain to your children that Gonzo is on a long vacation because he crawled onto the ceiling and then dropped down into an overhead fluorescent light. (Geek moment: I just opened up a new tab to make sure that I was going to spell "fluorescent" correctly. I wasn't.) And you will also never be forced to remove a dead gecko from a light fixture. Nothing like silver linings, right?

I like leopard geckos, well the one I've met. He sat quietly on my hand and let me stroke him under the chin, which was suprisingly soft.

Yes, props to Elwood! Enjoy your advisor's seminar :) and I'm glad you found that draft!!

Yay for Elwood. And also his boss for allowing him to do that. Enjoy your secondhand gecko -- he may turn out to be pretty fun. I only have limited experience with bearded dragons -- they are pretty interesting. My BIL had one for a pet, but strangely they also have them at our zoo.

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