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January 28, 2007


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I always figured that Daisy must be Scottish, or Scots-Irish, and that Scottish people have the genetic quirk of not feeling cold in the legs. How else can you explain the tradition of kilts?

Also thinking that the Highlanders of yore must not have had any problems with heat-induced low sperm counts. Can you imagine?

I was a huge DoH fan when I was six. I had the race track and a die-cast General Lee.

I could watch DoH every week if I wanted to, now, since it's on CMT and we have that channel with our very basic cable. I haven't figured out why we get that channel, but I'm developing a love of country songs. Well, as long as they are songs sung by Josh Turner.

I'm catching up on posts from the 2 weeks I've been occupied.

We saw an ad for a recent "Dukes" movie (gah), where Daisy says she's chilly, and Bo says, "It's because you're missing 99 percent of your pants." Haaaa! LOL over that one.

also? I have a small affinity for the car. One of my sis' friends used to call me General Lee.

:) Hope your van's okay.

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