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December 21, 2006


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I lived in Seattle for a number of years and had to get used to the very short days that were gray and drizzly. You find ways to compensate (remember, I'm originally a Floridian) by finding good indoor activities, having reflective clothing for evening jogs, and learning that skiing at night is really quite a thrill.

There was this opposite feeling in the summer when the daylight lingered longer and the rain had abated for a few months. Pacific Northwesterners flock to the outdoors in droves. We started very early and didn't come home until the sun set at 10pm or so. I still remember waking at 5:30am when the sun appeared and meeting my friends at the lake for early morning water skiing.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. My children have done well with staying quiet about the lack of a Santa. I'm quite proud of them.

For the first seventeen-and-a-half years of my life, I lived underneath what my friend Dan calls The Cloud and fully commiserated with you on the whole "hating rainy, gray weather" thing. But then I went to college in southwest Florida and discovered, to my great surprise, that ANY kind of weather is preferable to the No Weather that occurs in Florida. (To help you understand, in Florida I have experienced two seasons: The Season When It Rains At Three O'Clock Every Afternoon, and The Season When It Doesn't Rain. That's it.) Although I have to say that, while I appreciate any variations in atmospheric conditions that occur while I'm back at my parents' house, I wish we had snow rather than rain. And also? Coming from girl the straightness of whose hair is matched only by its utter lack of volume? I love your curls :-).

You know, I live in the Twin Cities, too, and I'll tell you--it's not so much the dreary grey that gets to me as much as the utter lack of snow. We have a light dusting here now, but one freezing rain could take care of that, too. It never feels quite like Christmas without a little more snow on the ground and a chill in the air. This is when the snow is festive and not simply a plauge on my driveway.

I knit some sweater tights to go with the baby's Christmas dress, but it looks like regular tights will do. *sigh* Maybe the grey weather is affecting me more than I realize.

Oh YEAH. I am in that funk right now. I went on four job interviews last week, one of them called my references, even, and I still haven't heard from them. In addition, I went on an interview for a job I would lovelovelove this week, but I feel like it's too "competitive" of a job for me to get and don't think I am going to get the offer.

So I'm sitting here, doing (volunteer) work and thinking that I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't get a job. And I could go on, but I am sure there is not enough room in this comments section for all of my job insecurities to be displayed.

So: yes -- my house is a mess, I am depressed, and the mess is making me more depressed. BUT we have about 10 people coming for Christmas Eve, so I better get a move-on with the grocery shopping and the cleaning so people don't think we live in a sty.

Sarabeth: I'm glad the Santa thing worked out for you this year. It has caused me some stress this month, for the first time since I've been a mother. We honeymooned in Seattle in August, and my memories are of glorious sunshine. Probably not very typical!

Maggie, thanks for the compliment. Want to trade?

Sarah, if I ever get to Mpls I would love to meet up for coffee.

Ariella, hang in there! I hope it all comes together for you without too much stress.

Yep, me too. Hugs.

Oh, you stole my hair - except mine isn't such a pretty colour, and I'm so impressed you manage to keep it so long. I stare at it in the mirror every morning and feel like a disapointed highschool teacher: "you know, you could be doing so much more with all this potential..."

The one time I was in Scotland (Edinburgh for a weekend), the weather was glorious. I suppose that is like CJ's Seattle experience.

I have a vivid memory of watching the sun set from the window of a classroom on the last day of class in December-a class that ended at 4:30. I miss many things about grad school town, but not that. It's even worse when the paltry "daylight" hours are overcast. The days are getting longer now, though, and I hope your kids feel better soon.

Oh, I'm so with you on the sun thing. I actually suffer real GRIEF during the winter (and winter is SO long here...). I get very weepy. Regularly.

I've always thought it would be fun to have hair like yours. But then I'm from the impossibly-straight-flat-volumeless crowd. Is there no happy medium?

My hair is a beast, and my house is a mess, too! Actually it was a mess, but then I took Sunday and Monday off work and voila! Clean house. I wish I could work just four days a week. Sigh.

I am an indoor junkie. I hate being outdoors in TX. When I travel all I do is spend time outside. Why? Because it is a VACATION. The weather sucks too much to do a lot outside here anyway. Sigh.

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