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December 11, 2006


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Hooray! I hope you had a fun evening!

My guess is that Elwood will want to play a game. Of one sort or another.


Maybe you should have the margarita during the time period of the final tomorrow ;-)

If you happen to know a good stats book to read for giggles (or just for a humanities person to learn enough to be an informed citizen and patient and consumer), could you pass along the title?

Luolin, I don't know of a good one. I haven't been thrilled with the one we used in this class. If I hear of a better one, I'll try to remember to let you know.

I know I could just read Stats for Dummies, but I'm obsessive enough that I want to read the *best* book about stats for the layperson, and not waste time on anything inferior!

i just wanted to pop out of lurkdom for a moment and tell you what an inspiration you are to me as a mom and student. i only have one baby, and have finally completed my coursework for the phd (whoopie!) but my commitment/motivation to work on my dissertation has been weak for quite sometime now. when i think of it (often) i find my mind going a mile a minute over my topic but never seem to find/make the time to sit and read and write. i wasn't trying to make this about me- i was just hoping to let you know that i am amazed and awe-struck by your ability to be a terrific mom and student. being a mom is hard! doctoral-level work is hard! you are awesome.

Thank you very much, pnuts mama, and good luck with your dissertation.

Luolin, Elwood P. recommends a book called Weighing the Odds for getting started with stats.

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