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December 18, 2006


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Thanks for the encouraging post. I have been frustrated myself today about the multiple times I seem to have to repeat every request. I pray that the most important lessons will sink into my little ones as well.

Oh, CJ. This is beautiful. (And timely. I've been working on Hebrews 10:5-10 a lot lately, myself.)

We have neither pushed, enforced nor denied the Santa. I still haven't decided what to do. Though a couple of years ago, the husband thought it would be fabulous to send our little guy out of the room to get jammies and when he came back, the cookies would be gone, presents under the tree and the firescreen open.

But why, oh why! do other adults, wherever I go, have to ASSUME that the kids know about Santa and blah blah Santa and being good, etc. ? Maybe I'm Jewish!

Great post, I hope my children are picking up the right things from myself and my husband, too.

Awwwwwww. That's so sweet and wonderful. And what a gift for you to hear this too!

Oh, what a lovely story. What a wonderful response.

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