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October 29, 2006


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I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

You know, the age of reason is *approximately* seven, but varies from child to child. I think a six-year-old who is concerned about the responsibilities accompanying the age of reason has probably already reached it. (grin)

Happy birthday to Marty!

Happy Birthday! "an age of reason" :D

I will have a seven year old in a little over a month.

Happy birthday!

Since the calender says it was a Monday, I was probably homeschooling my then 6yo and trying to keep my 3 yo from bugging him too much. He was *very* serious about school, LOL. Still is.

I meant that it was a Friday. Tomorrow is Monday. Monday has reached out from tomorrow and turned my brain to mush already. Happy Sunday birthday today....

Mmm, those first moments with the first baby - doesn't it almost take your breath away to look at the pics?

What a smart and lovely boy he is.

Happy Birthday!

What an insightful comment for a seven-year-old...

Manboys are such a gift.


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