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October 11, 2006


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That is like a really funny version of my trips to ANY store with my children. If I take Boy-Child #1, I might make it through the store with minimal requests. If I take Girl-Child #2, there will be many requests that once squashed will be converted into sneaking wants and wishes into the cart. If children #1 and #2 go together there are requests in stereo, in addition to convert operations down the toy and candy aisles. Finally, if Boy-Child #3 joins us, then the requests are in stereo with piercing screams as accompianment (boy-child #3 also will use distractions created by #1 and #2 to sneak, open, and thoroughly consume any particular sugar-drenched, messy food product). I have come to hate shopping.
Only on very rare occaisions do all 4 children go with me and then if I totally desperate. When this next baby is born I am resolutely not taking anyone to the store any more, or at least until they are 30.

Wow, typical 4-year-old exclamations! I think mine would say something like: "All these toys, it's unbelievable!" throwing his arms up in the air.

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