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July 06, 2006


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Beautiful post. Really.

I have a professor, who when he cannot answer the myriad of questions of his students, particularly those related to the behavior of mankind in the world, will thrown his hands up and exclaim, "Children! It is a fallen world!"

But it is also redeemed. And this redemption makes a new creation possible. Good stuff.

You put it so well. This is a lovely post, and one I will print and put in my homeschooling folder.


Is everybody on vacation? What's up?

update! update! update!

(no pressure...)

very late to the party - so telegraphically: how lovely. and how lucky are your kids.

I knew it. The world is absolutely flat and Jamie Gladly has driven off the edge somewhere in Idaho whilst explaining the Time-Space continuum to her four lovely boys and her husband, Elwood.

Just tell us where to send the rope and we'll pull you up!

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