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May 02, 2006


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We've read "Charlotte's Web" twice, now, and it becomes more beautiful and precise to me each time.

Is it wrong for me to feel 100% hostile to the upcoming Dakota Fanning-Julia Roberts movie? Because (a) ew, and (b) Julia Roberts as Charlotte's voice? I Do Not Think So.

Awesome post. Love it love it love it. And I'm with you in the high tide...

And here the English major in me always thought the web was the community that Charlotte forged between Wilbur and herself and Templeton and everyone else.

you're great, as usual!

That's one of my favorite books. QuirkyBoy and I are in the middle of "The Little Prince," and I'm trying to decide if he's ready for the fact that Charlotte (gasp!) dies at the end. Maybe I'll wait a year or so.

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