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May 14, 2006


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LOL Jamie-- Our parish has a wonderful sculpture of Jesus on the cross and following Easter it is draped in white cloth. At a very quiet point during Mass our first year there my son (then 5) asked loudly, "Mom, why is Jesus all wrapped up in toilet paper?" Giggles abound...

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh man, that is too funny. Just think, though, how nice your family made Mother's Day for the other moms at church, thanking God it wasn't their little boy chanting "stinkhead". :)

Your boys (and you) are super-cute. Thanks for the picture!

"Preying is when one dinosaur eats another dinosaur!"

I about lost it here. (snicker). He's right, of course. What an intelligent little boy to know what prEying is.

Thanks for the morning laughter - though I'm quite certain you weren't laughing yesterday during mass (much).

Love love love the picture, though I have to say who is that tall boy next to you? wow. It's scary how they grow so quickly sometimes.

Happy Mother's Day to you too.

Happy Mother's Day, Jamie. That is a lovely picture, and I am so glad you had a good (if amusing) day. Just remember that many years from now, that story will STILL incite howls of laughter from your entire family and you will be able to tease Joe about it mercilessly.

Love the picture!

Your story cracked me up!

Beautiful family, all of you

Wilder has hijacked a few children's messages in the past few months, but I don't think any of our ministers would be foolish enough to expect the kids to last up front for more than a few minutes. It's too bad that you had to writhe for the deacon's error.

You really will laugh without a twinge about this someday. Right?

Oh Jamie, what a beautiful family. And really, I was laughing to the point of tears and probably would have had I witnessed the scene. As for me, I was swooping after my little toddler most of Mass yesterday--she'd look down the long, clear aisle and try to make a break for it. The (female) ushers, who luckily have known us since before we were married and love Maggie, were cracking up.

ooooohhhh.... trying not to wet pants....

Oh, please tell me that some of that was made up or exaggerated!!! That is the *funniest* story I have heard in quite some while.


It is not made up and not exaggerated. In fact, I left out some parts -- the part about Joe lying on his back waving his feet in the air, the part where he said, "No, that's a silly story," in response to the deacon's rhetorical "Isn't that a nice story about St. Isidore?" I'm sure there's more but the memory is already fading. Thankfully.

What a great story. And such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing. :)

Oh my gosh, Jamie, I AM DYING. I'm at work and my seat mate is casting curious glances in my direction as I try to contain myself.

The best part is where you print out this post to read at his wedding. Then he can feel the embarrassment, too!

I laughed out loud. Several times.

Happy Mother's Day!

That's great! And I'm glad the Man-Cub is too little to go up front for "children's time". But my day is coming, to be sure.

I'm glad you had a good Mother's day.

During the Easter program at my brother's church, my nephew looked at the man playing Jesus on the cross, who was in the requisite loin cloth, and asked "Why is that man naked?" He then sat there chanting gleefully, "Naked Man! Naked Man! Naked Man!" I only wish I had been there... And for yours too, Jamie! You would have had to stifle me with an altar cloth!

Wow- that is the funniest thing I have heard all week!
You should send to Reader's Digest ;-)

I think any seminary worth the name would want to pay Joe to come in and do his act for the students so they'd learn how to deal effectively with hecklers during the homily.

A few months ago, when the text was the paralyzed man's friends lowering him through the roof to see Jesus, our female pastor (a mother of boys herself) talked about how we should all be like those men. And that bringing your children to church was like that. here's the line:

"Most of us bring ourselves to church; we don’t depend on someone else to do that for us. But it was not always the case, was it? When you were a child, didn’t your parents bring you? Perhaps it was a grandparent or a godparent; still someone else took you by the hand and brought you to Christ. It wasn’t always easy! Children are not always welcomed in church because they are noisy and restless. They have a hard time sitting still for so long. But I believe that the parents who faithfully bring them are like these four men bearing their paralyzed friend to Jesus so that he may touch him with his compassion."

The whole sermon is here:

Our senior pastor (a father of boys) has made it very clear on many occasions that the congregation is to welcome the noise of children. And I've been thinking of the struggle I go through to bring my two hooligans to church every week by myself as my offering to God. But this sermon comparing me to the four friends has stayed with me for months and helped sustain me when *both* of my kids are talking along with the sermon from across the room or singing loudly along with the guest soloist.

Your Joe is wonderful, and maybe he'll find a career that combines his love of dinosaurs and his public speaking skills.

Happy Mothers' Day.

Thank you Jamie--my 3yo girl is having lots of Mass issues recently...well, it's never been easy, but as she gets bigger she doesn't get quieter. Plus, she adds little audible, intelligible twiddles to her sounds--like your "A-stink!" And "No, that's a silly story". I'm so glad to hear another mom, someone whose parenting I respect a great deal from afar :) describing similar issues. Thank you!! I'm sorry you have to deal with it, but it makes my load easier. Any suggestions for how to make it better? What seemed to be working? You said things seemed to have calmed down a bit....


My mother occasionally reminds me that when I was two, I loudly announced to the whole congregation that "I can spell God! D-O-G!" I wasn't dislexic, just a little confused, and apparently enthusiastic about spelling.

A few weeks ago, I spent most of the homily playing peek-a-boo with the baby in the pew in front of us, which was sadly much more interesting than the homily. Her mother apologized when she realized that the baby was being distracting, but in that case it wasn't a crime to be distractingly cute.

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