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April 19, 2006


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You know, it's certainly sad that more women don't have the option of a legally attended homebirth, but even sadder that ALL women don't have the certainty of being given evidence-based obstetric care full stop.

I could accept homebirth being outlawed IF every single woman who got pregnant from then on could be assured of being educated, supported, encouraged and allowed to have a safe birth in a hospital. (meaning all these morons who think episiotomy prevents a nasty jagged tear, and continuous EFM has only benefits, etc, etc are kept AWAY from anyone they can damage)

I'm one of the lucky few who had that option (and the Tub, too!), and I wish that not only more, but ALL women, did, too.

Hi Jamie! I love your blog!

Right now, all of my concentration seems to be on actually getting pregnant... It is hard to imagine a low intervention birth, with such a high intervention conception :-)

But yes- if I was not a "high risk" patient expecting twins or facing other medical challenges, I might be up for a home birth.

I know several women from church who have birthed their babies at home, and I am not against it... I guess I just have a hard time picturing *myself* giving birth at home...Perhaps it is because I know my parents would go absolutely wild :-)

However, hopefully, I will be in a position soon to make that decision :-)

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