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March 15, 2006


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Sounds F.U.N. Also, it makes me wish I had kept up with my ancient languages.

I'm sure you'll look smashing in a toga. Easy breastfeeding access would be a perk too, no?

What, a roman feast with no eels in honey and vinegar? Lightweights.

I Knew It! I KNEW IT! Homeschoolers DO have more fun!

I had suspected this was the case for some time now, but since I was not homeschooled, I never knew anyone who was homeschooled, and my only child is yet a toddler, I had no proof. But now! Now I have proof. (Thanks, Jamie!)

Can we come and do Latin at your house? At our house it's drudgery, endless flashcards, translating the stuff in the book (Latina Christiana) and hoping the kids don't ask me questions about "why" since I don't know Latin myself. Vocative? Huh?

Oddly enough, my dd still likes it. Maybe she'll be able to do fun stuff with her kids someday.

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