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February 28, 2006


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That is so interesting! How long is it supposed to take? Hopefully none of them are claustraphobic.

Ha, ha...you, the crunchy-earthy-birthy mama wants to interfere with birth!!!

Just put on some soothing music and make sure the curtains and bedspreads are pretty. Might help to have some ice chips handy, too.

Enjoy Mother Nature (hopefully at her finest...with a bunch of healthy chicks).


Maybe play a hypnobirthing CD for them? And make sure they stay hydrated.

Girl, you never cease to amaze me. Going for a PhD and raising poultry. Too much. BTW, our Eastern Rite fasting (no meat/dairy for 7 weeks) means your veggie project would be perfect. Any tasty recipies you could share? Two days in and we are already sick of beans.

Renee's comment makes me wonder what you'll do with the chicks. Certainly, this is a fascinating way to get your youngsters engaged in learning about science, but then what? Years ago during college, I worked at a farm store that sold chicks, and I always worried that they'd be bought by some family that would effectively throw them away after they got kind of big and were no longer adorable. (I got attached. What can I say? I'm a sucker for things that go "peep!") CLEARLY you have more than Easter-Basket-Decoration interests in them, but still - what will happen to them?

And if your response simply takes the form of recipes, I'm good with that. Chickens are tasty.

Okay, sorry. I re-read my comment above, and it was a little whiny. And, I know better than that to expect you might not have a plan for these creatures, beyond their hatching. My bad.

May their entry to this world be a delightful experience for all involved.

Watching chicks hatch was probably one of the highlights of my childhood. It's hard to see them struggling, but remind yourself of the spiritual example here, too. Sometimes we wonder why things are so hard, and why isn't God helping us?

If you've ever seen a chick who was helped out of his shell, you'll have a deeper understanding of why God sometimes lets us struggle. But I think He paces, too, sometimes.

I forgot to add a little P.S. for Amy P. We ate ours. It was a farm, after all. ^_^

New here, popping in from Indigo Girl. Just wanted to say I LOVED watching the chickens hatch on my grandparents' farm when I was a girl. It's an amazing experience!

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