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February 28, 2006


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Ack! He's so freaking cute! :D

Wow! I just scooted in via the homeschooling ring random blog thingy, and I want to come live in your house! Cool project! Cool names for the chicks!

Cute chicken! THe even cuter thing is naming the unhatched ones the Grateful Dead. Too funny.

Jamie Gladly, Chicken Midwife

You won't want to miss the adventures of this red-headed agricultural genius as she scours the farmyards searching for ways to bring new poultry into the world through fair means or fowl. Check out this tender and dramatic new series on the Pex Channel...

I'm thinking Reese Witherspoon with some hair dye...

I thoguht this post was funny, but then blest's comment had me rolling.

Grateful Dead, indeed.

ROFL, Blest!

Oh my goodness what an adorable little critter. I love chickens. That one is the cutest I've seen in a while. And what a great experience for you all!

you got that one right! sit on hands.....
one of my classmated did an internship with sister angela (a wonderful saintly midwife) in texas - she told me that sis angela would slap her hands if she started to reach toward a woman's perineum without a darn good reason......

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