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February 13, 2006


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Wow, you're making me awfully glad we buried Peter's. People asked why I didn't just trash it, but it sounds like I spent less time digging than you did cleaning the sidewalk and worrying.

I'd never even thought of that aspect of home-birthing. But I suppose the gunk has to end up somewhere. Oh Jamie, don't ever stop telling it how it is and making us laugh too!

Oh my goodness, that was funny. THe only thing missing is someone standing there with a bullhorn shouting "THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE. PLEASE DISPERSE!"

In my real job, I deal with these sorts of things. Usually if it's in a biohazard bag, THAT's when the waste companies freak out. Leaky bag? Not so much.

Here's what you need to do: take your kids to paint on the sidewalk. Voila! Bloodstain is just one more stain on the sidewalk. Ooo! Or those nasty little snake things that you can buy at July 4th. They leave a stain that doesn't seem to want to leave, either. People will know there are 4 little boys in the house, do the math, and come up with FIREWORKS instead of blood!

PWF, it was a completely voluntary mess. If I had not told the midwife, Yes, put it in the freezer so I can NURTURE THE WORLD and plant a tree with the placenta at its roots -- well, it would have been over and done with the night Pete was born.

Amy, it was really a very brief thing. I can get a lot of inner drama going in a few short minutes. :-)

Oooh, and Mary, I have long been curious about your job. You deal with things like placentas???

I will never again be able to hear the term "babycakes" without thinking PLACENTA!

Yikes! I'm with Summer--there will be a few chuckles after we call one of the kids "babycakes" from now on.

You know, I knew that Aphrodite rose out of the sea-foam, but I never knew it was caused by someone's severed genitals. The things they leave out of the Children's Greek Myths books. It's a little like reading Cinderella the way it was written originally. Quite the shocker, eh?

By the by, I'm totally going to google "sea foam genitals" and see if your site is the first one I get.

LOL! A good placenta-disposal stories is hard to come by, no matter how many bloggers-with-kids one tends to read.

thanks for the laugh today! I needed it!

there isn't another word for cake? LOL.

Well, I don't really know what to say about the whole placenta thing, but here's an extensive online Latin dictionary: http://archives.nd.edu/latgramm.htm

As I sit here wondering if I'm in labor, and having only just cleared the last placenta out of the freezer to make room for after-baby frozen meals, this is great!! Dh and I both laughed and laughed.


Great story. I love that you worried about it at every step of the way. Not for your sake; needless worry is bad for the complexion, but it does make a great story.

I was just thinking the other night about how cool it would be to bring this baby's placenta home and plant it under a tree or something. I think placentas are very cool. I got my first look at one when my little brother was born and I made sure I got to see Aidan's placenta after I delivered it. I have a friend who just lived through a pretty bad molar pregnancy and delivered a 10-15 lb placenta with 5+ pints of pooled blood and she's waiting to get pictures from the doctor. She's very open about it and promised she'd share her pictures. I don't think there is anything to be freaked out about when it comes to placenta juice on the sidewalk, especially since you were rinsing it. It's not like you let your kids play with it in the street or anything. That might be kinda wierd.

I would have loved to see the looks on your neighbors' faces if they had asked and you had told. I'm with you on not being able to lie, I even think I would have liked them to ask to see their response. People get so freaked out about stuff.

My husband and I have a running joke about going to our homebirthing friends' house...we eye the chips and whisper to each other, "you think that's the placenta bowl?" Your post made me laugh out loud, and I thought, if I ever went to Jamie's house and she made, say, brownies or something, I'd be wondering if she baked 'em in the placenta pan. ;) Hee!

Placenta juice - love it. I remember burying my brother's placenta in our back yard (I was seven) but I don't remember what it looked like...my dad likes to joke that it's covered by a cactus now.

ROFL! I doubt I will ever be able to see cake quite the same way again...

I donated my placenta with my second child to a search-and-rescue group to help rescue dogs learn how to track human scent. I figured it was a good cause, and my doula tood care of the whole thing.

Mmmm, placenta...

I have a question for Tiffany. If they use placenta to help train dogs to track, um, what do they use to help them learn to track *men*? (All kidding aside, that's a wonderful ending for it.)

Also, I will never look at a bowl of chips the same again.

My home birthed placentas were buried that day, and the rosebush planted later.
One thing I learned though is that you need to be sure not to leave a cord clamp on them!

Hey, depending on your city's garbage ordinance, a placenta is considered the same as "menstrual waste". One placenta in the trash occasionally is fine. But any more on a regular basis (like birth center or hospital) and they have to be incinerated.

Your friendly home birth midwife lurker ;)

I laughed and laughed reading this. My midwife in Hawaii happily took my placentas (from two births) and buried them near her mango tree. I can't remember what we did with the other two...I'm sorry , but I just can't imagine storing them in the freezer! And I just giggle thinking of your bachelor neighbors meandering over to get a closer look at what on earth you're doing to the sidewalk.

What on earth is the word origin that placenta in Latin means cake in English? What does (English) placenta translate to in Latin?

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