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January 25, 2006


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Yes, it does, and even better you have to eat a lot of it to et your veggie serving. And it's a twofer as the cream cheese frosting counts as a dairy serving.

AAANNNND that's why I have been fighting a lifelong batte with my weight.

Sorry about the tough day, Jamie. (The butt-biting did crack me up a little. though).

Tsk. See what happens when people homeschool? The children turn into savages and bite each others' butts while the mom climbs the walls. :D

Hilarious! I hope that tomorrow is better for all of you. And just so you know, I'm one of those crazy Catholic college students who STILL wants to homeschool someday even after reading accounts such as this. In fact, it sort of makes me look forward to it all the more. Thanks for sharing!

Carrot cake only counts as a vegetable if you share it with your friends. I'm just saying.

I'm going to say a prayer to John Baptist de la Salle (patron saint of schoolmasters, which I assume also includes schoolmistresses, which I assume also includes homeschooling mothers) that tomorrow is a better day for you.

...blank stare...

you get started by 10:15!!!

: )

Well, at least they're biting each other where it's nice and cushioned ... I think that speaks volumes for their forming characters.

I really, really love that William Carlos Williams poem. Once I wrote it in a birthday card to my father and he got teary when he read it.

Ariella, that poem was just barely at the edges of my thinking when I wrote this post. It is a nice poem, though!

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