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December 26, 2005


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Thank you, Jamie. That is beautiful. Now if I could just figure out a way to e-mail it to myself every morning and actually read it daily!

"Be born in me" -- let me work harder than I ever knew I could for you, stretch me beyond what I think I can bear for you, push me to my uttermost that I may gaze at you, afterward, with love and wonder. The work of bearing my children is written on my bones; after I am dead a forensic anthropologist studying my skeleton will be able to say, "This woman was a mother." Let my God write his Name into the core of me as well: be born in me, Lord; be born in me.

OMG Jamie, you gave me chills! Awesome post and how true!!

This is an amazing piece of writing. Thank-you for sharing it.

I'm late reading this but it strikes home because I really felt, too, all during Advent, a calling out for Emmanuel to come to me. Not just to the world, waiting with bated breath and all its packages and bows, but to me, my little heart, my little self. You said it so, so well, as always.

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